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Thomas J. Lekan Security Consulting LLC

Experienced expert witness services,  including detailed expert reports, deposition testimony and court testimony in a variety of topics related to robbery/murder, negligent manslaughter, assaults, bank robbery and physical bank security, hotel and hospital security, entertainment venues apartments and other dwellings.  I am also retained in major financial fraud cases. Recent consulting includes hired consultant for a school district developing a safe school program, as well as the design of security systems and training.  I was retained to design the security systems for an international research center.  I have been employed as an expert many times in matters relating to security guards both armed and unarmed. I am chosen by attorneys in a variety of premises security cases.


As a premise security consultant and expert, I have broad experience that includes the evaluation of all areas of premise security measures and whether security measures are adequate and meet the accepted practices of many businesses and public organizations. I have worked as a consultant and an expert witness in cases that involve how well an institution or company understands and embraces the best practices of physical security and personal safety.  My training has provided me extensive competency regarding security guard and police operations and procedures. This experience includes the study of all security measures, the design of security systems, policies and procedure review and development, and skills training.  I have assisted many attorneys in defending or developing strategies for the litigation in the defense of companies and organizations that have been sued for questioned physical security measures and policies after a major incident resulted.  I have also helped many plaintiffs’ lawyers develop similar issues and strategies.  My work as a consultant and as an expert witness has provided me a unique knowledge that has helped many clients and also lawyers involved in litigation of major crimes and severe injury or death to reach a satisfactory outcome.


As a result of my leadership role in one of the largest regional bank security department  for twenty years, I have hands-on experience and management  expertise in all aspects of the investigation of fraud, money laundering, white-collar crime, identity crime, and special investigations involving individual investment products and brokerage systems, as well as commercial loan fraud and mortgage fraud. This experience includes the evaluation of security countermeasures to prevent fraud, the development of policies and procedures to address fraud, and how to meet changing regulatory requirements and mandates. I have many years of experience in computer-based crime and computer-assisted crime as well as anti- money laundering computer platforms that identify and alert banks to potential fraud or money laundering.  My experience includes an understanding of reasonable commercial standards of business and many aspects of good faith and fair dealing as defined in the Uniform Commercial Code, as well as how these apply to procedures and policies. Since retiring from Key Bank I have continued my knowledge of financial institution security and keep up to date in all of the areas described above serving as a retained security consultant to a large credit union in Texas  and a large bank in Ohio in which I  performing industry assessments and training regarding adherence to standards of and regulations for security and fraud compliance. 


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